Choi’s Kimchi is hand-crafted using a small batch process that has been handed down from generation to generation. We source the finest farm-fresh produce and appropriately, our roots began in the farmers market. We offer a wide variety of kimchi and even follow our farmers market roots to create seasonal kimchi sourcing from the bountiful and diverse produce available in different seasons.

Our story begins with a dream at the farmers market.

A long-awaited dream was fulfilled when Chong and Matthew Choi, opened Choi’s Kimchi and made their debut at the popular Portland Farmers Market in 2011.


For years, Chong and her friend would often meet at the Portland Farmers Market when it occurred to her that this would be the perfect place to showcase her kimchi. Chong really wanted to introduce Portland to the diverse varieties and flavors of kimchi. At that time, kimchi could not really be found at many grocery stores.

The Beginning

When Chong asked her son, Matthew, to help her apply for a booth at the Portland Farmers Market to sell her kimchi they didn’t realize how life changing this would be. Matt had just graduated from University of Oregon and went with his mom to drop off samples of her kimchi. To their surprise, the PFM said “yes” and Choi’s Kimchi was founded! The first day they opened their booth they sold out of everything by noon! Within a year, Choi’s Kimchi could be found in local retailers, co-ops, and restaurants.

Growing Season

After their first farmers market season, Choi’s Kimchi moved production from their domestic kitchen into a warehouse space located in a small industrial complex. With increasing demand, they would eventually need to expand into three more spaces within the complex over the next 9 years. After years of searching and planning, Choi’s Kimchi finally finds a larger facility with a lot of room to grow.

Continuing a Dream

Choi’s Kimchi continues to produce hand-crafted kimchi, pickles, and specialty sauces inspired by the same traditional small batch process when they first started. Matt grew into a leader in the local food community – freely sharing his knowledge, advice, and support to other burgeoning food entrepreneurs.  His dream was to grow Choi’s Kimchi into a household name. Though tragedy struck with Matt’s unexpected passing, his spirit and legacy remain. Every Choi’s Kimchi batch made continues to serve as a testament to this dream.

Granting Dreams

In partnership with the Portland Farmers Market and Choi’s Kimchi, the Matthew Choi Farmers Market Vendor Grant was recently established to support new vendors in achieving their dreams.

Find us

Our kimchi and specialty products are available at select retailers and the Portland Farmers Market.

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